Community Work

Over the last two years, Year 6 have completed a unit of work based on making a difference in our community.

For their first project, pupils identified an area near school that was covered in graffiti, over-grown with weeds and full of litter. Combining literacy and topic work, pupils managed to gain the support of parents, the council and the local community to make a huge improvement to the area.

You can watch a clip of one of the impassioned speeches delivered to a council worker here:

You can watch a montage of the unit of work here:

In 2016, Year 6 decided to tackle the issue of litter around Openshaw. The children wrote persuasive speeches, created videos using iMovie and wrote letters to parents outlining the issue.

Watch a montage of the unit of work here:

The pupils presented their work to parents, our local PCSO, our local Councillor Emma Taylor and KS2 before embarking on a litter picking activity in the area.

They also created a pledge that will be displayed in school for years to come.